Simple Home Improvements Can Make Your Home Office More Efficient

If you are one of the millions of people who are fortunate enough to work from home you are also aware that there are some bad aspects as well that you must overcome. From noisy street traffic, inconvenient phone calls, and even drafty windows, there are all sorts of things that can drive you crazy, impair your ability to be productive, and drain your wallet of money from increased energy costs. It is often some simple and easy to handle corrections that can have a large positive impact on your home office space while keeping your wallet happy as well.

First off, check the lighting in your home office (and throughout the house). Many people do not realize that they really do not need those bright 100-watt light bulbs in their home office. Not only is that lighting harsh on the eyes, it is also very harsh on the wallet. Reducing the wattage to 60 watts or even 40-watt bulbs instead reduces your power consumption from lights by as much as 60%, and eases the brightness of the light on your eyes making it easier to work as well. When I installed monorail lighting in my home office, I found that the ability to adjust the spotlights allowed me to see much better than before with far less wattage. Lighting is something that is a relatively cheap (and easy to make) change that can have great benefits.

Another important consideration is to check windows and doors in your office area for drafts. This can let hot air in during the warmer months and cold air in during the cooler months making it very difficult to regulate your own temperature and the temperature in your office as well. This can really hinder your ability to work, and it can increase your energy bills dramatically. Seal the windows securely and you should find you are able to work at a much more comfortable temperature and reduce your energy bills at the same time (well-sealed and insulated windows can also reduce the loudness of outside noises from traffic, landscapers, etc).

Break out those flat panel LCD monitors. Not only are they sleek and take less space on the desk, but they are also higher quality and provide better graphics. In addition, they as consume as much as 67% less power than the older, bulky CRT monitors. Never before has cleaning off room on your desk and upgrading to the newest computer monitor been so good for your wallet and the overall energy consumption in your home. The changes are amazing and the reduced power usage is enough to really inspire people to look around for more changes that can be made.